Salmon and Vegetables

Salmon and Vegetables


100% human-grade salmon, cooked on low-heat, with a fresh vegetable puree including capsicum, spinach, broccoli and rosemary.


Comes in a red-cyclable vacuum sealed pouch.


Not for human consumption.


Not for human consumption.


Must be stored in a fridge or freezer.

If refrigerated, must be used within one week. Can be stored in the freezer for up to three months.


This product is to be combined with your choice of protein suitable for your dog or mixed in with their kibble.


Always take care to ensure your pet has access to fresh cool water, a clean bowl and is frequently exercised.


When transitioning to the Ava's Choice diet, it is recommended that a gradual transition from the previous diet is exercised. This can be done so by encorporating small amounts of Ava's Choice into their diet over the period of a week.

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